Flight Delay Compensation Claims

Flight Delayed?

If your flight was delayed, cancelled or overbooked, you could be entitled you up to £510 compensation per passenger. Our fee’s are lower than Bott & Co Solicitors, which means you receive more compensation.

For a £510 claim, you’d receive £50.50 more with us.

If you were delayed, cancelled or overbooked, you could get up to £510 compensation per passenger.
We offer the same service as Bott & Co Solicitors, for a lower fee.

For a claim worth £510, you would save £50.50

Bott & Co

  • 25% fee
  • 20% VAT
  • £25 admin fee
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Check your flight & discover how much compensation you might be entitled to. This advice is free of charge and non-committal.

Let us know if you want us to go ahead with the claim. Our team of experts has a greater chance of beating the airline than you alone, and working with us frees you from the stress of trying to do it yourself. We have a 99% success rate in court.

There is no upfront cost and you only pay us if we succeed.

How It Works

Send Us Your Flight Details

It only takes a few minutes. Send us your flight details and we’ll confirm if your claim is valid. If your flew within the last 6 years, you could be entitled to up to £510 (depending on the current exchange rate – see Your Rights below for details) in flight delay compensation. Our advice is free, and you are under no obligation.

We Work to Win Your Claim

If you wish to continue with the claim, we’ll deal with the airlines on your behalf. Airlines often reject flight delay compensation claims making it hard for individuals lacking legal expertise to challenge rejections in court. Luckily for you, our solicitors will ensure the success of any valid claim.

No Win, No Fee

If successful, the airline pays you the flight delay compensation directly. We will then invoice you for our fee – 25% of the total amount of compensation retrieved. Our service is no-win no-fee. If your flight delay claim isn’t successful, you don’t pay anything.

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