Gatwick needs new runway to improve flight delays - Flight Delay Compensation Guru

Recent CAA statistics published about traffic through UK airports indicate that the last 2 quarters show the strongest growth in passenger footfall since records began.

247 million passengers used the UK airports in the 12 months until June, a new record, and with it punctuality decreased with up to 25% of flights being more than 15 minutes late an increase of 21% from the same time last year.

247 million is great news for the industry but coupled with the upturn comes the inevitable fact that some of our airports and airlines are beginning to feel the strain and in particular Gatwick and Heathrow, the 2 airports desperately in need of additional runways.

Gatwick is the worst offender with on time flights having decreased from 74% to 67%

Heathrow isn’t much better. Operational delays, airport mismanagement and airline fleets operating to capacity add to the mix and create a recipe for flight delays to occur.

However regular users of Leeds/Bradford will be pleased to see that airport has sustained an improvement in flight delay figures.

With record passenger figures airline fleets have to expand to meet the demand but it is tempting for most operators to avoid expensive capital investment in new aircraft, until the revenues have impacted on profits. Fleets running at capacity will inevitably suffer the stresses and strains of delays far more than fleets with spare capacity.

Aircraft can end up being out of sync with schedules as they get delayed or overnighted at the wrong airport, and the delays then domino throughout the entirety of that company’s schedules.

Last year two notable airlines from different ends of the UK market were the worst offending airlines, and victims of their own success, namely EasyJet and BA.

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