Worst Countries for Delayed Flights - Flight Delay Compensation Guru

It’s probable that most of us have been affected by at least one flight delay in our lifetime. With holiday season fast approaching, many of us will be escaping to warmer climes for some winter sun or to the high mountains to enjoy the delights of apres ski – ahem – skiing. More flights inevitably means a higher number of delays and the increased probability of poor weather means that the volume of flight delays will likely increase too.

The highest number of those travelling this holiday season will be from London Heathrow which got Flight Compensation Guru wondering what the worst offending routes for flight delays currently are. So we looked into a report recently released by the Trinity Mirror Group based upon official flight delay data from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) which revealed some interesting statistics.

Basically, don’t travel to Algeria. Or, if you do, be prepared for a delay.

Incredibly, just over a quarter of all flights from Heathrow to Algeria have, this year, been delayed in excess of an hour. That equates to 43 flights – 5 of which were delayed in excess of 3 hours, the passengers of whom could possibly be eligible for compensation under EU Regulation 261/2004.

Admittedly Algeria is an unlikely tourist destination for winter sun much less snowboarding but sand-boarding in the Sahara? It’s a possibility. And The Guru has always got your back, no matter your proclivities.

Here are the top 5 routes from Heathrow on which you’re currently most likely to experience a delay:

to Algeria (26.9%)

to Turkmenistan (26.1%)

to Tunisia (23.2%)

to Ghana (20.6%)

to Bangladesh (15.2%)

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!