Fear, Fog and Flight Delays - Flight Delay Compensation Guru

Long delays and flight cancellations have been affecting the whole of Europe in the last few weeks.

The tragic events of the downed Russian airliner in the Sinai, the horrific scenes in Paris, and the security lock down in Belgium have all brought understandable problems with the normal scheduling of the air transport system across Europe.

On top of this the South East of England saw all the major airports ground or delay even more flights because of the heavy fog that gripped the region.

Flight Compensation Guru has been asked by many travelers how this affects them.

Of course in times of national security alerts and exceptional weather the airlines are as powerless as we are as passengers in controlling the situation, and of course the law recognises these situations as simply unavoidable.

You shouldn’t expect compensation and most of us realise that.

However once you have checked in you are the guests of the airline you booked with and you should expect reasonable treatment, beverages and food and regular information as to the status of your flight.

It may also be worth checking with your travel insurance policy to see if flight delay in exceptional circumstances is covered.

Remember as the holiday season approaches the likelihood of delays grows. Airline fleets are running at capacity, and the pressure on staffing and scheduling puts extra strain on the system, inevitably resulting, unfortunately in delays.

Remember Flight Compensation Guru is here to help!

Happy holidays!